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  • One piece per pack (one 36” width weft)
  • Available in 18.5” straight (130g)
  • 100% Human Hair: All Babe Hair extensions are made with 100% Human Hair (Remy/Cuticle Intact) and gentle color treatments for a natural look.

  • Triple Volume: Babe Hair Machine Sewn Wefts come pre-layered with three wefts to give you the most volume out of all our methods


    Efficient: Three layers mean your wefts go farther. Plus, you can deconstruct Babe Hair Machine Sewn Wefts for ultimate customization to meet your individual needs.


18.5" Extension Machine Tied Weft Hair #6/10 (Eva)

  • All purchases of hair extensions are final. They may not be purchased from our site for stand alone private use. Meaning, if you put in an order on our site you must have a consult in place and install set up with our staylist to have the hair installed in our salon. 

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