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Our Story

Brendan and Leane met in high school and were married in 2011. They have 5 children between them and have owned and operated businesses in the Fargo/Moorhead for 12+ years. They are passionate about entrepreneurship and the barber and beauty industry. Brendan and Leane have created Tailor Made to be a place of comfort and inclusivity by focusing on building relationships as the foundation for building business.  

About Tailor Made 

Brendan LaFrance, co-founded his first barbershop (Skill Cutz) in 2008. After successfully managing and operating Skill Cutz Barber Shop as a partner for 9 years Brendan left his partnership to pursue independent ideas. After a brief summer in Texas, where Tailor Made, was originally created Brendan and his family relocated back to the Fargo/Moorhead area and began to expand on their vision. Our vision at Tailor Made is to offer barbering services built to suit individuality and creativity and to offer those services in a place where people can expect that each detail has been tailored with customer service in mind. In December of 2020, we expanded to a new location on 32nd with 6 chairs and private studio rentals for other hair professionals. 

Meet The Team

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